Working Well

When shaping our future, we were clear we wanted to transform how we work across Britvic. We wanted it to be about output rather than hours.

With this in mind, we worked collaboratively across our business, to create an approach that fosters co-creation, collaboration and builds socialisation.

Embracing dynamic ways of working, our workplaces and ways of working mix open spaces, creative places and more meaningful face to faces.

Offering high performing workplaces where our people love how they work, as well as the refreshing the possibilities of what they can achieve. Giving the opportunity to try out new ideas and collaborate unconstrained by location. Reducing journeys and travel time, costs and carbon footprints.

In this environment, we know our teams will learn and grow. It will provide you with every opportunity to thrive in a high-performance culture that is rooted in our Purpose, Vision and Values.

Ask your interviewer what ‘Working Well’ might mean for you and the role you are considering.